Blue Refraction features include the following:

    • Check each web site page loads correct
    • Check that each page loads within a set time limit
    • Check each page for basic SEO rules
    • Check external site links
    • Check each page for W3C compliance
    • Generate an overall site quality report
    • Send daily reports for each site
    • Accept event data from various applications


The following section goes into the detail of each of the features:

Check each page

Blue Refraction can be configured to crawl each page of your site, starting at the URL you provide. If any pages can’t be loaded or return an error this will be highlighted in a report for the site. Blue Refraction will then automatically repeat this process every 24 hours. You can elect to get either a summary or just an error report of any issues found every time your site is crawled.

Crawling your site will give you an indication of how sites like Google will see your site and importantly it will make sure all your site pages are working and accessible by your customers

Page Load Times

The performance of your site is important. If pages take too long to load customers will go onto another site. Blue Refraction can check each page on the site against a time threshold. Any pages that take longer than this threshold will be highlighted in the site report.

Page Quality and SEO Rules

There are many best practices that should be followed when generating content for new web pages. Blue Refraction will check a number of accepted content aspects including:

  • Page title length
  • Page meta description
  • Content quantity

External Links

Broken links are a problem for many sites. As each page is crawled Blue Refraction will check your links to external sites to make sure that they are still valid and working. Any broken links will be highlighted in the site report.

W3C compliance

Main advantages that derive from W3C compliance:

  • Your website will be more easily accessed by people with disabilities and the user experience will be improved
  • W3C validation helps you reduce the amount of coding on your pages thus emphasizing the importance of content. Your site will have the chance to get indexed and as a result get higher rankings in the most important search engines, since spiders are known to crawl websites with relevant content
  • Your website can be easily accessed from different devices – PCs, laptops, PDAs, cellular phones, etc.
  • Validation is fully compatible with a wide range of dynamic pages, scripting and active content, multimedia presentations, etc.
  • Different current and future browsers will display pages in the same way, or at least in a very similar fashion.


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