Simple daily site check

Run a simple test daily to perform a check site to ensure your site is up and running. Blue Refraction automatically site tests daily. If you don’t already have an account, sign up on the Blue Refraction site for a free account then follow this steps:

Add your site

Once you have logged in, select “Add Site” from the home page.


Fill in the add site details. Provide a name for the site that you will remember and enter the URL of the site, or page, you want to check. Enter the URL in the format

You can provide a more detailed description, if you wish. The site recipe option can be left blank. This option will allow you to run more advanced test scripts against your site.

Update Settings

Next select the “Settings” option on the top right of the page.


Make sure the option “Check that the site is accessible (default)” is checked. Check “Crawl the entire site” if you want to check every page of your site. There is a limit of 50 pages for the free version of Blue Refraction. You can leave the other options unchecked.


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